Our Quest
Our Name

Dear Zu Friends,

It is with a mixture of excitement and sadness that we move on to something new, and part ways with our wonderful ZuKafe in Edmonds. We have had an amazing run and we are thankful for all of our experiences. More importantly, we feel completely blessed by the relationships that we have shared with our customers, employees, and vendors. We are truly proud to have created this center of community in Edmonds.

We were approached recently by a restaurant owner in Edmonds, and after some long discussions, we finally decided to sell the cafe. The new owners have a great vision, and will hopefully within a short period of time have expanded the food menu, and added beer and wine to the espresso offerings. Stay tuned for more info.

We want you to know that we ensured that all your open gift cards will be honored or refunded by the new owners, and we are sure you'll find fabulous offerings once they have launched. To find out how much is left on your card, call 800-803-1222 or visit lynkcustomcards.com and key in your card number.

Thank you again for your loving support along the journey.

- mark and paul