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Stumptown Coffee Roasters from Portland, Oregon is our supplier of choice for coffee beans after interviewing several highly respected Pacific Northwest coffee roasters. After just a few short years, Stumptown is a legend in the Portland area and brought the standard of coffee to a whole new level in that area. We are excited to be the first Seattle-area retail account of this fine establishment.

Roast Magazine named Stumptown Roaster of the Year for 2006. In selecting them for this honor, Roast Magazine noted that Stumptown goes beyond one or two “unique business practices” to distinguish themselves from the competition. Part of Stumptown’s mission statement reads as follows: “to spread Stumptown’s knowledge and passion for specialty coffee as far as possible.” We are excited and proud to be part of their mission.

Passion is a word that completely defines Stumptown. Duane Sorenson, the owner, spends seven months of the year traveling around the world and visiting the farms where the coffee beans are grown. He has developed relationships with farmers and buys directly from them whenever possible and pays higher than fair trade wages.

Each farm must meet his high standards from growing conditions, to how the beans are picked, sorted, and dried. From that point, Stumptown takes a hands-on approach and roasts them to the perfect roasting profile for each bean creating the most amazing coffee experience imaginable.